Vasudeva Ayurvedics

Ayurveda in Kerala

Welcome to Vasudeva Ayurvedic Health Resort, one of the well-known ayurvedic centers in Kerala that provides very effective traditional ayurvedic treatments under the strict supervision of experienced Ayurvedic physicians. We are located in Kovalam in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala. Kerala enjoys the benefit of exceptional geographical features, which make it the most desired tourist destinations in Asia. The rich greenery, equable climate, the serene blue waters have added to its beauty and offers a distinct experience for every tourist.

Ayurvedic treatments respond well in a calm and serene environment, where one finds mental peace and relaxation. Kerala is blessed with such an atmosphere and with a pleasant climate too. The natural forests of Kerala offer the abundant source for herbs and medicinal plants and the cool monsoon season is best suited for Ayurvedic treatments that include therapeutic and restorative packages. Now, Kerala is the only State in India, which carries out Ayurvedic system with total care and dedication. In Ayurvedic system, treatment is done not just on the affected part, but on the individual as a whole.

Ayurveda is the natural way to rejuvenate yourself, by eliminating all toxic substances from the body and regaining good health and thus improve the resistance of the body. Rejuvenation therapy is intended to restore a more youthful condition and to wipe out diseases. Time-honored Ayurvedic texts say that the monsoon season is the best-suited one for the rejuvenation therapy (known as Rasayana chikitsa). The atmosphere during this season remains cool and dust-free, the pores of the body open to the maximum, and so the herbal oils and therapies respond well. This helps in toning up the skin and this refreshes and strengthens the body tissues. This enables one to achieve increased memory power, resistance to diseases, good health and long life.

Traditional Ayurvedic texts are written in Sanskrit and in Kerala, the Ayurvedic doctors know Sanskrit language well. This helps them to understand this system of treatment better. The Ayurvedic treatments of Kerala have gained much popularity and tourists from all over the world come to Kerala for treatments.

"May the gentle and simple heart of Kerala wash away your health concerns and bless you with a happy and healthy life".