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Vasudeva Ayurvedic Health Resort is one of the well-known ayurvedic centers in India that provides very effective traditional ayurvedic treatments for diabetes.

Ancient scholars of Ayurveda knew Diabetes Mellitus some 3000 years ago. The association of frequent urination with a sweet tasting substance in urine was first reported in Charaka Samhita, the ancient Ayurvedic classic. Ayurveda recognized diabetes right from the Vedic period with the name "Prameha". The word Prameha denotes Prabhuta Mootrata (which means excessive urination) and aavila mootrata (turbid urine) and madhumeha, which means the flow of madhu (sugar) from the body.

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which the human body is not able to make appropriate use of glucose. This result in hyperglycemia i.e. high blood sugar and glycosuria i.e. sugar in urine. According to Ayurvedic physicians, diabetes occurs in twenty forms; of which ten forms are due to Kapha; six forms of diabetes are caused by Pitta and four forms are due to Vata. Planning the diet, regular exercise, herbal medications and making simple changes in lifestyle are certain remedial measures for diabetic patients.

Allopathic drugs like insulin, sulphonylureas, and biguanides have definitely helped in controlling the blood sugar levels and improving the quality of life but none of them has been successful in maintaining normal glucose levels and avoiding later stage complications of diabetes. About 15 to 20 percent of patients with newly diagnosed non- insulin dependent diabetes mellitus have little or no response to sulphonylureas and with each year of treatment about 3 to5 percent of the diabetic patients who have achieved better acceptable glycaemic control, lose their responsiveness.

At Vasudeva Ayurvedic Health Resort, we advocate two types of therapy schedules for diabetes:


This Ayurvedic diabetic treatment is prescribed for patients if you are obese and heavily built. In this treatment along with anti-diabetic drugs, maximum stress is given on de-nourishment of fats and elimination of endotoxins and various exercises, fasting and cleansing methods, which is known as Panchakarma.

Cleansing method:

This diabetic treatment in Ayurveda is prescribed if you are chronically ill, with low immunity and underweight due to the draining of essential nutrients. This Ayurvedic therapy helps in providing the easily acceptable nutrients and micronutrients to rebuild body tissues and help strengthen the defense mechanism without increasing circulating blood sugar, fats and other metabolites. This prevents further damage and ensures enhanced healing. This is a very effective treatment for diabetes.

The treatment period is 3 weeks. We assure that the treatment provides relief from giddiness, weakness, pain in legs, body pain etc associated with diabetes.

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