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Apart from the physical stressors such as infectious disease and lack of food or shelter, today’s stressors include rushed schedules and emotional pressures such as financial worries, work related frustrations and marital conflicts. Equally important are spiritual difficulties, such as meta-physical emptiness and lack of fulfillment.

Stress is the excessive wear and tear on the nervous system. In today’s stressed-out world, your optimum health and peak performance depend on remaining calm under pressure. Most debilitating types of stress called negative stress or distress generally occur when you view change and pressure as burdens and rising demands as threats. You feel a sense of isolation, frustration and helplessness. This results in disease, disorder and dissatisfaction.

Repeated or prolonged negative stress can trigger complex physiological reactions involving multiple chemical changes in the body. These lead to an exhaustion of mental, physical and emotional energies, thus increasing your susceptibility to disease. Research shows that stress raises blood cholesterol and blood pressure and lowers immunity. It destroys brain cells, impairs memory and thinking, heart disease, immune deficiency and even common cold related to stress.

Treatment duration is 15 to 20 days.

Some of the other diseases for which we give treatment at Vasudeva Ayurvedic Health Resort are: