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Vasudeva Ayurvedic Health Resort is one of the well-known ayurvedic centers in India that provides high quality traditional ayurvedic treatments for stroke.

Stroke is the term used to describe a sudden loss of function in a portion of the brain. Typically, that loss of function results in difficulty in moving an arm or leg (paralysis). There may be loss of feeling or peculiar sensations in the same areas. Stroke may also appear with problems relating to sudden loss of speech, blurred vision, and unconsciousness or as a convulsion. The loss of brain function is due to a sudden reduction of the blood supply to a portion of the brain. The reduced blood supply may be due to clogging of the blood vessel by thickening and hardening of vessel wall or rupture of the blood vessel. Once started, a stroke can continue to damage the brain either by clotting an obstruction or by further hemorrhage.

At Vasudeva Ayurvedic Health Resort, our experienced Ayurvedic physicians give effective treatment for stroke. Physiotherapy along with herbal medications can lessen the symptoms of stroke. Body massages help in preventing the inactive muscles from degenerating and the herbal medicines helps in stimulating the circulatory system. Powerful ayurvedic oils and herbal medicines are used for this. Health is maintained in an individual when the vital energy is kept balanced throughout one’s body. Panchakarma helps to keep arteries healthy and also to keep up normal blood pressure. Exercises are also prescribed according to the condition of the patient. Ayurvedic therapies normalize the body’s energy balance and helps in improving the circulatory system. This treatment work strongly on the mind as well and induces relaxation, thus reducing the symptoms of stroke.

The mode of treatment and the duration varies according to the type of stroke, its seriousness and causes.

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