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Ayurveda is not merely a health care system, but a way of life that is adopted to sustain a perfect balance between the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual components that is essential for holistic health. The principle behind Ayurveda is that life represents a perfect harmonization of the body, mind, senses and the soul.

The purpose of Ayurvedic treatment is not the restrain of the main symptoms of a disease and to create new diseases as side effects of the treatment. It aims to remove the disease at the base and to give the person lasting relief.

Ayurvedic treatments (Chikitsa) can be classified under eight heads: kayachikitsa (internal medicine), shalya chikitsa (surgery), bala chikitsa (pediatrics), graha chikitsa (psychiatry), urdhvanga chikitsa (regarding eyes, ears, nose, throat and head) damstra chikitsa (toxicology), jara chikitsa (gerontology) vrishya chikitsa (aphrodisiacs).

Ayurvedic medicines are prepared from natural herbs, plants and minerals and are used in the form of tablets, powders, medicated oils etc. As the medicines are prepared from natural herbs and plants they do not cause any side effects in the body. Proper diet is to be followed along with the intake of medicines for a positive result.

Vasudeva Ayurvedic Health Resort provides traditional ayurvedic treatments with natural herbs, Head massages, Body massages in India.